About Us

The Chronos Institute is a leading provider of Hormone Replacement Therapy in the New Orleans area. Our goal is to transform healthcare for men and women age 40+ by balancing their hormone levels, resulting in restored energy, increased vitality and improved quality of life. Instead of the narrow choices and limited results available with mass-produced, one-size-fits-all hormone therapy and testosterone remedies, we treat hormone imbalance safely and effectively with customized plans and personalized care.

The results speak for themselves. Our patients have seen the symptoms of aging, such as decreased sex drive, lack of energy, weight gain and decreased muscle mass, disappear with treatment and are consistently satisfied with the services they receive.

This program is led by Dr. Mace Scott, Director and Owner of the Chronos Institute and CHRONOS Body Health & Wellness. Dr. Scott has been helping patients lead more fulfilling lives for over seven years by alleviating the effects of hormone imbalance and aging. He encourages his patients to live a total-body-wellness lifestyle, which is key to their overall wellness.

Meet the Team

A message from Dr. Mace Scott, Chronos Institute Medical Director & Owner

I specialize in the treatment of the symptoms of aging in men and women and help bring back their missing quality of life. This is my passion. This is why I became a Hormone Replacement Therapy doctor after years of emergency medicine.

Years ago, I experienced hormone imbalance and the negative effects of low testosterone in my own body and came to realize that optimal levels of hormones are a primary foundation for youth and vitality. I’ve spent the past ten years studying and mastering the therapeutic management of hormone deficiencies and imbalances and have become an expert in the prescription of testosterone and hormone replacement therapy through injections or implanted subcutaneous pellets.

It has been thrilling to see the positive results and provide the support my patients need to lead more fulfilling lives.

I attended medical school at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans and received a master’s degree from LSU. My 15 years of experience working in medicine includes the following positions.

  • Emergency department director in three facilities
  • Member of the medical executive committee in two facilities and the chief of staff
  • ABEM boarded Doctor of Medicine (MD) focused in the New Orleans area

Luke Cenac, Med Spa Nurse Practitioner

Luke Cenac, FNP, NP-C and Endocrinology NP, has been a nurse since 2011, a Nurse Practitioner since 2018 and is Aesthetic Certified.

Kelly Alberado, Med Spa Concierge

Kelly is a New Orleans native with 18 years of experience in the aesthetics industry. She serves as concierge and helps direct clients to the appropriate services after building a relationship. However, she doesn’t oversell clients on services that won’t meet their goals.

Tuttie Munsch, Med Spa Concierge

Tuttie has experience working as a medical assistant and in the cosmetics industry for over 13 years. She helps guide clients to the services the wellness center provides. She’s also great at helping clients feel comfortable accessing the wellness services they need to be healthy.

Total Body Wellness at One Convenient Location

The Chronos Institute is part of CHRONOS Body Health and Wellness, a comprehensive venue in Metairie, Louisiana, that combines total body wellness at one location. Hormone optimization in men and women is an important facet of complete total body wellness, which is why Dr. Mace Scott founded the CHRONOS Institute. At Chronos, we know the value of community. Health is a journey that shouldn’t be taken alone – our team is here to guide, inspire and restore. We help you live the life you envision!

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