Midlife Crisis… Or Hormone Imbalance?

Middle Age or Hormone Imbalance?

After age 40, men sometimes feel the urge to change things up by chasing excitement and pleasure. These feelings can become much stronger during midlife, thus the term “midlife crisis.” Men often look externally for solutions to what they are experiencing during this time, but the real answer might be what’s going on inside their bodies.

Low testosterone can cause the feelings and symptoms many men struggle with during middle age, such as fatigue, low libido, and depression. Some men begin to notice weight gain and loss of muscle mass for the first time at middle age, causing nagging feelings of frustration and interfering with their sense of self. Not all men will experience all of the symptoms of depleting testosterone, nor will all men experience their symptoms with the same intensity.

Unfortunately, many times, these physical and emotional symptoms are assumed to be just a normal part of aging that need to be accepted, when what they are experiencing can actually be a biological process caused by hormone imbalance.

By gaining a deeper understanding of low-T symptoms, now more and more men are able to recognize the signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance. They are seeking help from a Hormone Replacement Therapy medical professionals, cutting-edge technology and science to create a plan of action.

If you have been noticing your body changing in undesirable and uncomfortable ways, this can be frustrating and distressing, which may add to the anxiety and stress of midlife. If the symptoms of aging are interfering with your sense of self and relationship, now there’s hope!

Hormone imbalance can be corrected, and, with testosterone therapy, symptoms will often disappear. Dr. Mace Scott and the medical professionals at the Chronos Institute can help balance your hormones safely and effectively using a Hormone Replacement Therapy program customized just for you. 

You know you’re in there! We know it too, and we’re here to help you start feeling like yourself again. Schedule a confidential telemed or in-office consultation today!

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